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Dear Colleagues,

Hope you are fine and safe in this pandemic.

On behalf of the organising committee, it is with great pleasure I welcome you fellow doctors, students, and anyone who is interested to participate in Nommensen Health & Medical Sciences Inernational Conference 2021 (NoHMSIC 2021) held on July 8th -9th 2021, virtually.

This conference will focused on the theme “Infection and nflammation,  and Nutrition during the first 1000 days of life”.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an emerging disease that has reached pandemic status by rapidly spreading worldwide.The pandemic has caused a public health crisis with profound long-term socioeconomic fallout. Although the vast majority of patients experience mild to moderate symptoms, the disease remains fatal in a significant proportion of those infected. Much of the critical illness is believed to be the result of a hyperinflammatory process referred to as hypercytokinemia or a “cytokine storm”.

The course of the Covid-19 pandemic is still uncertain. Epidemiology, pathogenesis, role of immunologic factors, diagnostic, treatment and vaccine findings are still very interesting and relevant to be discussed.

The 1000 days of life, the period between conception and  the first 2 years of life, is a very critical period and has enermous impact on the health and welbeing of fetal, neonates and long-term health. Well-balance, essential nutritients in optimal amounts during the first 1000 of life strongly correlates especially with brain development, metabolism and immune system.

We look forward to welcome you.

Leo Simanjuntak

Free Papers Topic (Research Articles or Case Report)

Covid-19 and Other Infections




Nutrition During Pregnancy and Neonatal Period

Micronutrient During Pregnancy

Surgery Procedure Related to Infection Diseases

Public Health Policy in Infection Disesases

Invited Speakers

Rusly Harsono, MD, MBA, MSc, FAAP

Rusly Harsono, MD, MBA, MSc, FAAP

Pediatric Intensivist, Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Indra Tjahja

Dr. Indra Tjahja

Dutch Academic Neurosurgery Foundation, Bloemendaal, The Netherlands

Brigjend TNI (P) dr. Alexander K.Ginting, SpP(K), FCCP

Brigjend TNI (P) dr. Alexander K.Ginting, SpP(K), FCCP

Head of Health management of Indonesian Covid-19 Task Force

Prof. Soekirman, SKM, MPS-ID,Ph.D

Prof. Soekirman, SKM, MPS-ID,Ph.D

Universitas Kristen Indonesia

Prof. Dr. dr. Hartono Gunardi, Sp.A(K)

Prof. Dr. dr. Hartono Gunardi, Sp.A(K)

Universitas Indonesia / RSCM

Dr. Pravina Manoharan

Dr. Pravina Manoharan

Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang

Dr. Fatima Mohamed Al-Majdhoub

Dr. Fatima Mohamed Al-Majdhoub

Senior lecturer on Communication and Media Department, Yemen

Important Date

Monday, June 16th 2021

Thursday – Friday
July 8th – 9th 2021

Thursday – Friday
July 8th – 9th 2021

Symposium Speakers

Prof. Bambang Wirjatmadi dr., M.S., MCN., Ph.D., Sp.GK - Faculty of Medicine - Ciputra, Surabaya
The First 1,000 Days of Life Count: How Micronutrients Impact a Child

Dr. dr. Leo Simanjuntak, SpOG - Faculty of Medicine - UHN, Medan
Preeclampsia: The Role of Nutrition

dr. Chrispian O. Mahmudi, SpPd-KP - Faculty of Medicine - UKRIDA, Jakarta
Long Covid-19:Early Detection, Management and Prognosis

dr. Sisca Silvana, M.Ked(Ped), Sp.A(K) - Faculty of Medicine - UHN, Medan
The Brain's Window of Opportunity

Dr. dr. Christine Verawaty Sibuea, M.Biomed - Faculty of Medicine UHN, Medan
Covid-19: The Role of Herbal Medicines

Dr. dr. Djap Hadi Susanto, M.Kes - Faculty of Medicine - UKRIDA, Jakarta
New Variant of SARS-CoV-2: Implication on Management





This Conference Will Be Held in Virtual

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