Abstract Writing Guidelines

  • Must have (choose) topic/category
  • Must have abstract title
  • Body abstracts must contain these parts :
    • Objectives
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions

And in English written. Keywords are optional but must be involved in word count.

  • The Objectives/Methods/Results/Conclucions section are limited to 350 words total, research theme of abstracts must be in infection and inflammation, nutrition during pregnancy and neonatal period, including basic research and/ or case reports/series
  • Authors are not restricted by the number of abstracts submitted. However no more than 8 authors per submission are allowed
  • Updates and edits to submissions can be made as needed prior to the submission deadline
  • Titles must be in title-case, and may not include author, institutional and/or proprietary names

All abstract will be submitted within certain period soon, please kindly check our website regularly regarding our deadline and further submission. Don’t hesitate to contact us as

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